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What is the problem?

  • Mananging Orders

    Managing orders can be a hassle when you are getting a lot of orders. Scrolling through chats and remembering which order is pending and which is not.

  • Non-existent Accounting

    Maintaining a spreadsheet for all your sales and expenses is a hassle. You have to update it manually and it is prone to errors.

  • Challenging Shipments

    Manually copy and pasting addresses to create shipments is a hassle. You have to do it for each order and it takes a lot of time.

  • Pinging Customers

    You have to manually ping customers when their order is accepted and when it is shipped. It can be time-consuming and you have to do it for each order.

  • Invoicing

    Sending invoices to customers is a hassle. You have to manually create invoices and send them to customers.

  • Handling Returning Customers

    You have to manually check if the customer has ordered before and if they have, you have to check their previous orders to see what they ordered.

What do we offer?

These are the things that we handle for you so that you can focus on growing your business.

  • Order Management

    We store all your data securely so that you do not have to scroll through your chats to find an order and fiddle around with flags.

  • Shipment Management

    Just click a button and we will create all the shipments with Delhivery automatically. You can also download a CSV file to upload on Delhivery Panel.

  • Shipping Labels

    Select the orders and hit Create Labels and you will have custom shipping labels for all your orders in no-time.

  • Invoicing

    Send invoices to your customers automatically when they place an order with a single click.

  • Accounting

    Want to know how much you have sold in a month? We have got you covered. We will show you all your sales data in a single place.

  • Notifications

    Send automatic emails when the orders are accepted and when they are shipped with high deliverability and open rates.


Get started with our affordable plans and scale as you grow.

Basic plan
2500 /mo

For new sellers building their list. Less than 500 orders/month

5000 /mo

Ideal for growing businesses. More than 500 orders/month

Self Host

GramFlow is completely open-source and hence you can deploy your own instance in

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    This tool has completely transformed the way we manage our orders. It has saved us so much time and effort. Highly recommended!

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